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Why you should NOT go Easyjet

août 3, 2010

Trips usually start with airports. Or rail stations. Or roads. It starts before you reach your goal.
Mine started with the not so good idea to travel with Easyjet. I might have made this choice 3 times in my life, and ended up regretting all of them. This time was no exception.

1. Easyjet and time

First they have this really annoying lack of flexibility. That includes to be in front of a check-in gate 30 minutes before flight, at least. So far, everything’s normal and fine. But considering the lines are usually endless, it means you have to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight time. I’ve once boarded 15 minutes before a flight with Germanwings. And they say the German are rigid… But with Easyjet, when they say 30minutes, it can’t be 29. No way.
At that point, you realized a train would have been quicker.

But, like I said, I’ve done this choice many times, so I did my check-in online.

2. Easyjet and « British ponctuality »

So, you arrived way before your departure time, to be sure no orange-dressed bitch will send you back home because you weren’t on time. You of course had the time to know all ingredients of every piece of giant chocolate boxes you found in the duty free shops, and your arm stinks a mixture of all the perfumes you sprayed on it. You could be waiting sitted, but easyjet is always the last one to comunicate the gates.
And when they finally do, you also discover that the flight is going to be late.
Then you hear: attention easyjet flyers to Casablanca: the flight will have a 2 hours delay. Thank god you’re not going to Casablanca. And 5 minutes later, you hear the same lousy message about YOUR flight to London. Great.
At that point, you realize driving there would have been faster too.

My piece of advice: don’t book any appointment at least 4 hours before your supposed arrival time.

3. Easyjet and the cheap-ass spirit

When I first heard about low costs flights some years ago, I was really threalled by the whole concept. So what, if you have to buy your food on board? At least you only pay for what you really want to eat. So what, if the seats are tights? The destinations are never so far, anyway.
I still think that way. But when I started to realize that some VITAL things were charged, then my opinion changed a bit. And there’s the little box that defines whereas your hand luggage can board, or if it’s gonna cost you 20 extra euros. I mean: you’re travelling. That’s the point of taking a plane, right? But if you’re thinking to bring some clothes with you, craaaazy you!!!!
And when they say one hand luggage only, they mean ONE hand luggage. If you have a purse, an umbrella, or too thick gloves, GO BACK TO THE ORANGE LADY AND PAY!
At that point, you realize not only driving yould have been faster, but you would also have room for your umbrella. For free.

After 2 hours of delay, I took my ipod little purse off my handbad, and the orange lady would’nt let me board: it’s supposed to be ONE HAND LUGGAGE!! Dear god… As far as I know, it was supposed to be, but you don’t see me yelling at you, do you?

4. Easyjet and savings

So, yeah, I finally arrived in England. 2,5 hours after the supposed time. Considering the shitty flying hours at easyjet, there weren’t any subways once I finally reached London. I was convinced to book these Easybuses. Cheaper, they said. You wait for it, you take it. That’s not your reservation hour, ma’am. Yeah, I know, Easyjet, late, delay, yadda yadda. You get in.
You arrive somewhere you don’t know at 1am. No more metro. You take a taxi.
£15. Not so cheap, this Easybus, right?
At that point, you realize you would have saved money and time with ANY other option than Easyjet.

So, long story short: next time, go AirFrance, than Gatwick express. Go with luggage, come back with souvenirs, arrive on time, arrive downtown, earn miles, win time. And save money after all.

Yeah, we don't speak French!

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