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I see your true colors

mai 2, 2011

Should I, once more, try and explain why I spend 5 month away from the blog, no news, no post? I bet the reasons are always the same: no time, no motivation, better things to do. In my case, that’s exactly all at one, so I’ll spare you the blabla.

Buuut, there’s one special reason for me being back today, despite of almost closing this thing for good several times last week. The reason is one of my collegues from college (that I never met personnaly, since he’s younger than me). Dude, I have no idea who you are, but today you surprised me. Why? Because today, all of the sudden, I receive a notification saying that my blog’s got a new subscriber. I read it twice: really? Who’s the dumbass? Here’s been dead for aaages now!
Well, maybe a newcomer that liked an old post, maybe two… That’s when I figured it would be a shame to deceive him and let him realize there’s nothig more going on here…

That said… I won’t start this revival with empty conversations. So as a symbolic new beginning, I’ll let you with 2 nice things:
– The first is a good new: I quit my job! Today was the last day. I was tired to design McDonald’s restaurants again, and again, and again… Tired of doing interior architecture (That’s SO NOT my area!) Tired of pretending to care which colour and graphic would suit that wall. Tired to pretend I give a shit about the crappiest company of all times. (After Coca Cola).
So next: a villa in St Tropez, a flat in Paris and some other ideas for a start…

– The second thing will bring some colours to this blog: I’ll let you at it.


Horst Gläsker: Staircase in Wuppertal

Trottoirs de Paris et Juliana Santacruz Herrera


And a last one:



More of Banksy

mai 18, 2010

So Banksy must be one of those that has no interest, but no interest at all in Cannes and it’s festival. Good for him, take a hint.
So he has lately been to Boston, where he stamped the concrete again.
Like always, in his cool, funny and inexpected kind of way.

Here’s the baby:

Banksy Arrives in New York City

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