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août 19, 2009

I saw a really nice video while I was on my daily visit on Sylvain Allard‘s (really cool and interesting) blog, and I decided to share it here too.
Well, it’s a Canadian video, and I’m not Canadian nor live in Canada like him, but I guess we have the same problems in France, only with different statistics.

There’s the video. It’s has a nice stop-motion work too!

Well, since I’m in Brazil at the moment, it’s really easier to keep buying local. I guess it’s easier in an almost self-sufficient Country. For those who aren’t (like Canada, apparently), the designer James Reynolds suggests a really fun eco-conscient packaging, that I also found on S. Allard’s blog. There you go:

Yesterday, I was on the beach with a friend from France that also came to spend some time in Rio. We were resting on the sand all afternoon, and after a while I got a bit hungry and remembered I had some apples on my bag. He looked at me in a really shocked way, asking why on earth do I eat apples in Brazil!?

Humn…well… Brazil also produces (shitty quality) apples, and you’ll all agree with me, that it’s way easier to carry than a pinapple on the beach!!

PS: I sooo should have had a camera around to take a pic of Matthieu’s look on a Rio’s beach… But since I don’t, just imagine a skinny really pink-white dude with a candy-pink short with macarronis drawn on it…( Hehehe je pouvais pas résister, mec…)


How stupid is this crisis of credit?

mars 1, 2009

It’s really common, and already really déjà-vu to do those explanations of the crisis situation for ignorant people like me not-experts. Funny texts, metaphores, videos, we’ve seen all that. But I recently found this one: The Crisis of Credit that has even a web site of its own!

The video is well done, and the little online store at the end is a funny try to deal with crisis itself: as if the owner was at one level of the situation he explains in the video, and is now trying to cover financial holes selling tee-shirts about it. Very ironic, just the way I like it.

Tee-shirt by The Crisis f Credit
Tee-shirt by The Crisis of Credit, $19,00

Good luck, man!