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Procrastination is the reason of this post

novembre 1, 2008

This is probably the best YouTube video I’m ever seen… Maybe because it has EVEYTHING to do with me (except for the smoking a cigarette part, of course…), maybe because it is particularly well done.

I would add to this procrastination-list:

It is to check youf facebook 10 times an hour, realize that no one is as lazy as you so, of course, there aren’t so many news. You try the live news search. Another 10 minutes reading things that doesn’t matter about people you don’t care so much about. No more news: you seem to be the only one that is doing nothing. You feel guilt because you KNOW that you’re procrastinating, so you chase it away doing the exact same thing on your Orkut.

It is getting started on your work because you know that to start is the most difficult part. And then be proud you did it, so you give yourself a lunch pause to eat another crap you don’t actually want.

It’s estimating the time X you’ll need to get the work done, and not doing anything productive util it’s sleeping time – X.

It’s writing posts even knowing no one will read them.

It’s thinking about your work, doing it in your head to feel better about not doing it for real.

And it’s fucking annoying!