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Perte de temps comme on les aime

septembre 18, 2011

Je me suis rendue compte que jusqu’à la 19e seconde, j’étais bouche bée.


I see your true colors

mai 2, 2011

Should I, once more, try and explain why I spend 5 month away from the blog, no news, no post? I bet the reasons are always the same: no time, no motivation, better things to do. In my case, that’s exactly all at one, so I’ll spare you the blabla.

Buuut, there’s one special reason for me being back today, despite of almost closing this thing for good several times last week. The reason is one of my collegues from college (that I never met personnaly, since he’s younger than me). Dude, I have no idea who you are, but today you surprised me. Why? Because today, all of the sudden, I receive a notification saying that my blog’s got a new subscriber. I read it twice: really? Who’s the dumbass? Here’s been dead for aaages now!
Well, maybe a newcomer that liked an old post, maybe two… That’s when I figured it would be a shame to deceive him and let him realize there’s nothig more going on here…

That said… I won’t start this revival with empty conversations. So as a symbolic new beginning, I’ll let you with 2 nice things:
– The first is a good new: I quit my job! Today was the last day. I was tired to design McDonald’s restaurants again, and again, and again… Tired of doing interior architecture (That’s SO NOT my area!) Tired of pretending to care which colour and graphic would suit that wall. Tired to pretend I give a shit about the crappiest company of all times. (After Coca Cola).
So next: a villa in St Tropez, a flat in Paris and some other ideas for a start…

– The second thing will bring some colours to this blog: I’ll let you at it.


Horst Gläsker: Staircase in Wuppertal

Trottoirs de Paris et Juliana Santacruz Herrera


And a last one:



Watch out, Banksy!

décembre 12, 2010

Or: Is this shade of grey acceptable?

Hello, there!
I’ll present you a work with good sense of humour. The « responsable » calls himself Mobster, and his work is displayed here.

He also has a Flickr (do you say have a Flickr? Or a Flickr profile? Or he does a Flickr?) with some more of it. Here.

To give you a small apetiser, I’ll let you with two…hum… « conversations »… 😉

Is this shade of gray acceptable?

obviously not.  how about this one?

or this one?

And the other one goes: Read the rest of this entry ?


More of Banksy

mai 18, 2010

So Banksy must be one of those that has no interest, but no interest at all in Cannes and it’s festival. Good for him, take a hint.
So he has lately been to Boston, where he stamped the concrete again.
Like always, in his cool, funny and inexpected kind of way.

Here’s the baby:

Banksy Arrives in New York City

More after the break. Read the rest of this entry ?


Keeping up with interesting art

mars 21, 2010

Ok, I know, this thing’s been dead for a while now…
I’ve been through real tough time at work. The project I’m working on was going all right, but now that we’re a month from the very end, I feel like the pressure to deal with all the companies at once is going to eat me alive.
Anyhow. I was wondering what I could tell you to break the ice and start again with the hope of a twice-posts-a-week writing frequency (yeah right!). But I got nothing. I got so much nothing it’s scary.

Then I remembered of Dorothee Golz and I thought it would be my « something » for this post.

She first got my attention for these « photomontages » putting well-known classic painting characters in nowadays situations.
But she also works with sculpture, and I am particularly fan of her dishes/eating installations.

Aren’t you?


Sampa, et Banksy en Afrique

juillet 18, 2009

Je pars tout à l’heure à São Paulo. Je crois que l’internet chez ma cousine travaille en code morse, alors je ne sais pas si je pourrai me tenir actualisée, ni actualiser le blog. Mais bon. Vacances, vacances.

Je vous laisse donc sans préavis de retour, mesdames et messieurs. Alors jusque là… je vous laisse… qu’est-ce que je vous laisse? Ah, un peu de Banksy, toujours et encore, vale? Ces photos sont prises en Afrique, et la signature de Banksy n’est qu’hypothétique, mais ça m’en a tout l’air… vous?


Le plus birarre c’est que j’ai trouvé ces photos ici et il y a une longue discussion sur le fait de savoir si Banksy est bien un artiste ou un groupe de personnes, voire, comme l’a dit un des internautes, une « entreprise » (il y en a qui poussent loin). Sous prétexte qu’il ne leur semble pas possible qu’une seule personne soit à l’origine de tout ça. Moi, ça ne m’étonnerait pas: ça me parrait tout à fait possible!


Stepping on chewing gum sux. Bumping to one is either awsome or a true nightmare.

juin 16, 2009

Two years ago, about that same time of the year, i went to Venice. It was a really cool trip, something I’d never have the chance to do if it wasn’t for really cool friends that allowed me to know the real Venice, away from all the touristic crap. We were all architecture students, so the visits were really the way I liked them. Not to mention the Biennale was on too. Terriffic.
And today I found this pictures, of Simone Decker‘s work that are absolutely amazing! First, because the work is impressive and it makes me want to come accross one of the sculptures so badly… And second, because I can remember very well the places where they are installed!! Not because I have a super cool memory (because I had serious problems with finding my way in Venice) but because I have private pics of the same places 🙂

So I’ll leave you to it, tell me if you like:
simone decker artist sculpture installation photography chewing gum venice

simone decker artist sculpture installation photography chewing gum venice

simone decker artist sculpture installation photography chewing gum venicesimone decker artist sculpture installation photography chewing gum venice

The second pic really makes me wonder if thay’re real of photoshopped… Does anyone have some kind of knowledge on the matter?