Why a blog doesn’t get popular

mai 11, 2009

When I started Pertedetemps (that I liked to call Quand on s’emmerde), I was hurting myself to finally fall among that new trend I’ve always despised: blogging. I know how dangerous it is to say that, considering my readers are bloggers for the most part, but that’s the good thing about not caring about blog views. Indeed, my aversion for blogs and bloggers used to be as strong as the feelings I have towards Tweeter users today. With that only difference: I will never EVER use that crap.

It all started while I was on hollydays, back from Erasmus. Back to real life, sad period. Big time. I was bored like hell and gave it a try. It’s Ok, I thought: it’s gonna be like eating at Mc Donalds. I usually say I hate it and avoid entering them as strongly as I can, but if that’s really the only choice, I’ll wear some big sunglasses and hide on the top floor. So I started Pertedetemps and didn’t tell anyone I knew. I figured the virtual world has people enough that would eventually end up here. It sooo does not happen like that.

So I continued blogging about nothing (really: U can always try to track the firsts posts and U’ll understand), and getting excited when 5 people came, at the end of the day. Waw:  5 people?! How on earth did they get here? WordPress statistics often gave me really weird explanations (You should see the number of views I get from people that typed « sexy cow » or « voyeur »… :/ ) And the blog views were really getting higher. Slow but surely. And then, that little WordPress graphic became an obsession. I had to make it up! So I finally decided to tell my friends about it. (It’s ok, it’s ok, you’ve became a blogger, not a drug dealer, there’s nothing to be ashamed of…). Facebook status, Orkut status, there you go: a huge graphic raise.

Soon, that blog views obsession stopped and I started to blog for myself and a couple of regular readers (FAITHFUL READER FROM NÎMES: QUI ES TU, MON (MA) CHER(E)??). I’m fine with it, actually, although I feel like I’m impossible to believe when I talk to other bloggers. But in the meantime, I came to some conclusions to find out:


1- Here I post in different languages. That doens’t help AT ALL. The French reader will stop coming if there are too many non-French posts in a row. That applies to every other readers. So that first tip might seen trivial, but trust me: PICK A DAMN UNIQUE LANGUAGE TO POST.

2- From my personal investigations, the most popular blogs are those where the owner is not affraid to show himself. I mean: Pictures, videos, personal information about his life, his likes and dislikes, how your house looks like etc. If on top of that you have the patience to upload pictures showing how you dress and make up everyday, the wolrd is yours. (Please don’t… and if you do, don’t turn the thing into a sad-kid-who-needs-approval’s life journal…) Since I’m not willing to follow that one, Pertedetemps is destined to stay empty, as far as I’m concerned.

3- Let people participate. Blog readers looooove to give tips. Posts like « has someone already tryed that brand », or « help me to decide a colour for my living room » or « what architect would be the next Pritzker prize », or simply « which outfit is less slutty ». Anything goes.

4- Post about other blogs (the most popular the better) abour how greeeeaaat they are, and how eeeeeeverybody should go and take a look. The owner of that famous blog could get flattered and link you as a charity gesture at the very end of his blogroll. You’ll feel thrilled.
Since I don’t go for suck up, I’ll remain quietly here, if you don’t mind.

5- If you have a life and go several days without posting, you might die soon. I do and I already have my coffin. So if you’re starting, you though something, you blog it. Don’t worry: If you’re up for that you won’t have to spend much time typing.

6- Illustrate your posts: you now have the proof of how boring it is to finish reading a long (and poorly written) text like that.

7- Avoid writing in too light colours. I bet you can see why.

8- If you make a list, stick to top 5, or 10, or cool round numbers. I don’t know why, but eight doesn’t seem right for some reason…

Next time, I’ll let you know about some inexplainable star bloggers and other paradoxal things accross the Brazilian’s and the french’s blogosphere…


7 commentaires

  1. I mostly realized the same things you’ve written that night. Blogging is basically one big collective wanking and I urge you to read my last post about it.

    Bravo sinon, écrire en 4 langues, ce n’est pas vraiment donné à tout le monde.

  2. tellement d’accord avec toi… j’ai vécu l’expérience avec mon blog sur ma vie à NY, où je ne faisais que raconter ma vie, où je mettais pleins de photos, où je racontais des trucs dont tout le monde (ou presque, mais apparemment non) s’en foutait. Ca fait deux ans que le blog est mort et j’ai toujours une cinquantaine de visites par jour, et quand il était encore actif c’était bien plus…
    Pareil que toi et pour les mêmes raisons, je me suis mise à faire un blog pour passer le temps et procrastiner utilement… des photos « artistiques » et mes coups de coeur musicaux, rien sur ma vie… résultat j’ai 5 visites (au plus) par jour…
    Conclusion, les lecteurs de blogs préfèrent peut-être lire les blogs du genre « cher journal » de blondes avec un poster de Matt Pokora au dessus de leur lit…

  3. hahah! C’est sur… C la génération reality show… Perso, j’ai souvent l’impression que c’est parce que les gens peuvent ainsi comparer leur propre vie à celle du blogger. A quoi ça sert, je n’en suis pas arrivée à une conclusion, mais bon…

  4. I’m going to your blog right now, can’t wait to read it either. (although I have a big test in… 2 days! Procrastination is a bitch indeed…)

  5. Tudo depende do seu objetivo para com o blogue. Se é sucesso, seguir seus passos é uma boa. Se é terapia, transformar um blog em diário não é nada ruim e eu, por exemplo, me amarro em ler histórias pessoais. Doença de jornalista. E por aí vai… O meu era uma terapia. Ontem era ótimo, hoje já me atrapalha. Se seu blog não é popular, e você queria que fosse, talvez seja porque falta aí um objetivo concreto…

    TOP 5s serão sempre perfeitos pra mim única e exclusivamente por conta de uma pessoa: Rob Gordon (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0146882/).

    E… Eu adoro indicar blogs, principalmente os que visito quase todo dia, como Sedentário e Hiperativo, Nerd Somos Nozes, Kibe Loco… Isso não quer dizer que eu queria que eles me citem. Longe disso, até pelo fato de que duvido que eles tenham tempo pra isso.

    De resto… Blah blah blah…

    Anyway, é isso.

  6. Humn… então o pb fica sendo nao ter objetivo, mesmo… mas não me incomoda, não, sabe? Até porque, sou incapaz de seguir uma linha única por muito tempo, e tenho vontade de escever sobre várias coisas. Como não tenho tempo nem saco pra fazer vários blogs….
    A inconstância é uma calamidade da nossa geração, nao? 😉 Não lutarei: sou várias pessoas e gosto disso!
    An, e vc acha mesmo que gostar de ler histórias pessoais tem a ver com ser jornalista? Ou que jornalistas temdem a gostar mais? Não segui o raciocínio…

    M., a pseudo-esquisofrênica

  7. […] ses escarmouches pleines d’esprit et d’espièglerie. La dernière en date : « why a blog doesn’t get popular » un vrai régal d’anti-conseil en web social qui vise dans le mille. Enjoy « En cure de […]

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