mars 24, 2009

I have to admit, my friend Aengus is posting more than me, lately… I mean: he shows me amazing things, I post. I was even wondering if he would actually consider doing it for real, with some of his great writing, that can only better than my shallow comentaries (would you, honey? Yeah.. didn’t think so…)

So, today, the stolen idea is going to be Alrik Koudenburg and Joost van Bleiswijk for the ad Agency Nothing, in Amsterdam. Here‘s a cooler text about it.


Ce post, semblable à celui de l’ordinateur en carton, est un petit clin d’oeil à Nicolas qui s’interroge sur le carton, et à mes lecteurs paranos qui croient que tout va toujours prendre feu.

4 commentaires

  1. « would you, honey? Yeah.. didn’t think so… »

    tempted to do it now, just to show you wrong ;P

  2. (also, where’s the title for this blog post?!)

  3. Damn, donnow: must have forgotten in that « I’ll think of it later » spirit.
    And yeah! I’d be glad if U did!! We’ll talk about if when I come home. (excited already)

  4. SO nice!!


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