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octobre 24, 2008

Is it a water bag? a sleeping bag? An old army jacket? No, it’s way less useful than that, but still quite interesting: it’s a music pillow that you can connect to your iPod and hear your favorite sleeping songs while you rest your ears on it…

I usually hope my posts will make each and everyone of you want to react, and it kinda…..doesn’t work so much… but this time I have a question for you, folks: what’s wour opinion about useless design in general? Because as strongly we try to be against large scale production for no purpose at all, we have to agree on something: if it wasn’t so attractive, it wouldn’t sell so much, would it?

(This item came from lifegoods.ch)

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  1. Mary, Mary…como acordar no dia seguinte? Ele chacoalha???

  2. Poxa… Escrevi um post enorme e perdi tudo… Vamos lá de novo:

    Its quite simple… Nothing is really that useless… Even if its purpose is not the most glamorous purpose on earth. huahua Pense que tem muita gente por aí que sofre com a dificuldade para dormir. Essa pessoa já tentou todos os recursos existentes e até um somzinho, mas o micro-system é muito alto e acaba atrapalhando. Quem sabe esse travesseiro não é a saída? Outra coisa, a gente está vivendo a era do bem estar. É a hora da ciência nos tirar as rugas, os cabelos brancos, as estrias, a celulite e por aí vai… Um travesseiro que nos ajuda a ter um sono mais tranquilo é apenas uma agulhinha nessa colcha toda. A minha preocupação é apenas com o lixo. Essa ânsia por ter tudo de mais brilhante e novo (culpa também das lentes de fotografia e do photoshop)está fazendo com que muita gente jogue fora produtos ainda novos (Isso principalmente nos países desenvolvidos. Pouco visto noBrasil, né? Mas acontece…) e geralmente esses produtos são gadgets menos moderninhas… Uma vez estava discutindo com meu namorado: deveríamos deixar de criar e produzir, algo quase inerente ao ser humano, por conta do impacto que estamos causando na natureza? Eu acho que o caminho não é esse. Que venham mais e mais travesseiros, até que vibrem e ninem bebês! O lance é equilíbrio e desenvolvimento sustentável, que todo mundo esquece em troca dos $$$…

  3. The question was exactly about this ecological side of production. I really agree with your point of view, but I wonder if there shouldn’t be a new wave of producing things, maybe another boring label stamping products that are made from old things (not even talking about recycling, but reusing, really)… Or maybe a world-wide sharing website, where people give away old things and exchange them against new-old ones from other users… Am I « viajando »? 🙂

  4. The idea is great. I do agree with you about the whole ecological stuff. The problem is to find someone that would really be interested in doing that kind of thing (world-wide sharing website or boring label stamping products that are made from old things). The revolutionary people are really dead, in my opinion, and everyone seems to think the ecological problems are not really their own problems. Instead of been worried about “saving the planet” (an idea that, in some twisted way, even became a pejorative expression, or a joke), people just wanna find a job, get a house, marry or whatever… It’s a fucking huge snowball… You can’t save the planet because you have got to live, but you can’t really live if you don’t make an effort to save the planet… Ant than, in that sense, we see Bill Gates, a huge contributor to this mess, turn into an icon of generosity “giving millions away to this charity (…) the world’s largest philanthropic organization” oh god… How about the zillions of gadgets that are given away every single year, month, day… that are turning the world into a huge garbage can? No one thinks about that, you know? For a real change, we do need huge organizations that are really interested in changing the situation and no one is into that right now… They’ve got to gain money turning the world into a garbage can so they can feed the poor later. Got it?

    Funny… it’s been like more than two years I don’t write anything in English. It was kinda funny, even a bit harsh to remember how to put the words on the right place (if they are right, anyway). I even thought I wouldn’t make it. Good practicing it again. Thanks.

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